30k Electric Bike Kit with Samsung E-Bike Batteries
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  • LEED 30k E-Bike Kit Components
  • LEED 30k powered by Samsung
  • Black and Silver Geared Bicycle Front Hub Motors
  • Black and Silver Rear 250 Watt Geared Bicycle Motor Options
  • Specialized Speedzone Sport Available in Wireless and Wired
  • 30k Electric Bike Kit Black 8FUN Front Wheel Motor Hub
  • 30k Electric Bike Kit on a Cruiser Bicycle
  • 30k Electric Bike Kit on a Commuter Bike with a LEED Frame Bag
  • 30k E-Bike Kit on a Cruiser Bike with the Electric Bike Battery on the Frame
  • 30k E-Bike Kit on a Tandem Bicycle
  • LEED Electric Bike Batteries Specifications Sheet
  • LEED 250 Series E-Bike Kit Throttle Handlebar Control
  • LEED 8FUN Front Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kit
  • 8FUN Front Electric Bicycle Motor Hub
  • 8FUN Rear Electric Bicycle Motor Hub

10.4 Ah Samsung 30k E-Bike Kit 24 Volts 250 Watts | 250 Series

RRP: $799.00 (You save $100.00)

Product Description


30k Range: 20 Miles

The 30k E-Bike Kit helps you convert to electric without giving up your favorite bike. The 30k includes everything you need to convert your bicycle to electric in five minutes. The 30k electric bike conversion kit is compatible with every trike and bike style.

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30k Electric Bike Kit Benefits

  • Save 200-600% by Converting Your Bike to E-Bike
  • No Need to Purchase an Expensive E-Bike
  • Commute to Work Dry and Fresh
  • Ride Year-Round Without Sweating or Freezing
  • Shorter Commuting Time 
  • Increase the Life of Your Bike
  • People Don't Know Your Bike is an E-Bike
  • Upcycle Your Bike by Converting
  • Pedal Easily With or Without Electric Power
  • Cleaner Environment
  • Happier Commute
  • Increased Pedaling Efficiency
  • Increased Happiness
  • Improved Health

Additional Benefits

30k electric bike kit benefits

30k E-Bike Kit Specifications

leed 30k electric bike kit specifications

The 30k includes:

  1. Front or Rear 250 Watt 8FUN Geared Motor Hub
    1. Front or Rear Motor Available
    2. Black or Silver Motor Available
    3. Disc and V-Brake Compatible
  2. 2 Year Warranty
  3. Complete Hand-Built Wheel Set
    1. Laced and Trued Ready to Ride
    2. Silver or Black Rims Available
    3. Tube and Tire Available
  4. Sealed 10.4 Ah 24 Volt Samsung Li-ion E-Bike Battery Pack
  5. Built-in Battery Components
    1. Proprietary Charger
    2. Proprietary Battery Management System (BMS)
    3. Proprietary Circuit Module (PCM)
  6. Lithium Battery Charger (USA/International 110-240v)
  7. Singular Cabling System
    1. Pressure Grip Throttle
    2. Motor to Controller
    3. Controller to Throttle
  8. Weatherproof Battery Bag with Frame Clips
  9. Cable Zip Ties

Watch the 250W E-Bike Kit Video

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Product Videos

LEED 250 Series Electric Bike Conversion Kits | E-Bike Kits (02:26)
The LEED 250 Series is the kit for every bike. It is designed to work with mountain bikes, cruisers, city bikes, folding bicycles, 10-speeds, road bikes, and many more. The 250 Series essentially doubles your pedaling power so you can use it with or without pedaling. A simple squeeze of the hand and you are off. Use it to climb terrain in Moab, cruise the shoreline in California, or commute to work in D.C. Get yours today at www.ebikemybike.com! Electric bike kits have never been faster, more reliable, and easier to install than with the LEED 250 Series electric bike kit powered by Samsung or Panasonic lithium cells. Choose from models that range in battery capacity that achieve 4-50 miles on a single charge dependent upon which model you purchase. Finally, your bike can now be an electric bike without having to purchase a new bicycle. Convert any bike to electric. Shop now and save! Who’s it for? The LEED 30k high capacity 250 Series electric bike conversion kit is for anyone looking to double their pedaling and coasting power to greater distances. No one else knows it is an electric bike because the 8FUN planetary hub is completely silent and provides zero drag engaged or disengaged. This allows for the user to pedal without the engagement of the throttle – as one normally rides – without noticing a difference in the bicycle’s performance. This keeps the bicycle a bicycle. This also allows for high performance when engaging the throttle to increase speed and power which allows the user to sustain a higher gear on flats and sit comfortably in a lower gear climbing hills exceptionally torqued with the 8FUN planetary motor. Who buys it? Our customers include baby boomers looking to ride their bikes like they did in their twenties, commuters of all ages looking to arrive to work fresh and ready for the day, cyclists that wish to go the distance on hilly terrain, bicycle lovers who have an injury or disability that want to ride like they once did, moms and dads who pull the kids in the trailer or on a cargo bike, cyclists who want to ride in regular clothes without the need for spandex and a high performance bicycle, consumers who wish to ride an electric bike without the high cost of an electric bike, consumers who want to ride their bike not a brand new goofy electric bike, or everyday riders looking for greater enjoyment when they ride. Front vs. Rear Wheel: We recommend front wheel conversions for the 250 Watt Series unless you have a special bicycle or trike that requires a rear wheel. Front wheel conversions take about five minutes whereas rear wheel conversions may require purchasing a new cassette, professional tuning of shifters and an extended installation. But if you require a rear wheel conversion for your bicycle, please select the rear wheel kit at checkout. Please note a competitor-comparison of the following: We are proudly a USA veteran-owned business All kits ship FedEx within 48 hours and comply with federal HAZMAT requirements Our competitors charge extra for “faster processing” and “2-year warranties” | We include it at no extra charge because we stand behind our products and service The Specialized Speedzone Sport with nine functions is available as an upgrade in case you wish to know your distance on each charge We will always answer the phone immediately, respond to emails immediately, and assist you if you require service particularly with installation, technical or sales questions Rear carrier bags and proprietary weatherproof frame bags are available as upgrades Rear wheel conversion kits are available for tadpole trikes, fat bikes, or bicycles that do not meet the 4” front fork measurement Kits are compatible with v-brakes and disc brakes Rims available in silver or black All bike wheel sizes available
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Other Details

Motor Warranty:
Battery Warranty:
Install Time:
<20 MPH
Pedal Assist Sensor:
LCD Computer:
Torque Arm:
USA Shipping Cost:
International Shipping Cost:
UP TO $130
Time to Build & Ship:
Shipping Agent:

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