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Convert any bike to e-bike with a LEED Electric Bike Kit

There is no need to buy an expensive electric bike. Your bike, whether it is old or new, can easily be converted into an electric bike with a LEED Electric Bike Conversion Kit. Installation is simple and we aim to provide outstanding customer service and support when needed. You love your bike, so keep it and make it electric! Keep your money in your pocket and save cheddar by converting your own bicycle. Join the thousands of LEED customers who have converted their bikes to save money, ride like they used to, clean up the environment, commute quicker, and enjoy a better ride with a LEED Electric Bike Conversion Kit. 

Don't take our word for it. Read our customer reviews. We have sold thousands of e-bike kits over the years. We have seen almost every type of conversion and have designed our e-bike conversion kits to be compatible with almost every bicycle and tricycle on the market. Our promise includes a quality electric bike kit backed by top-of-the-line brands that will last for many years accompanied with an outstanding customer experience. We provide 24/7 email support as well as online chat and telephone support during regular business hours. We are dedicated to helping you from checkout to install, and beyond, with a powerful warranty included with every purchase.


Welcome to LEED. Enjoy your LEED experience.

We offer two electric bike kit models, the 250 Series and the 500 Series. Both e-bike kits offer a unique riding experience designed for your riding style. The 250 Series E-Bike Kit is a simple install with only three main components. It is designed to keep your bike a bicycle and provide an on-demand powerful boost when climbing hills, when you want to ride in your top gears on flats, or throughout your entire commute when you want to arrive fresh and fast. The 500 Series E-Bike Kit includes the traditional bells and whistles and feels more like an electric scooter. It includes more components e-bike conversion kits offer such as a pedal assist sensor (PAS), LCD computer, torque arm, and thumb throttle. The install time required for the 500 Series is about one hour, whereas the 250 Series is around five minutes. 


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