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250 Series Li-ion Batteries

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24v Electric Bike Batteries For Our 250 Series

Electric Bike Batteries for the Electric Bike Kit that Lasts

We know that you certainly have your choice of electric bicycles and e-bike batteries. However, these generally use different types of battery systems. Depending on a bike's specifications, most e-bike battery products are lithium and rechargeable, making them a sustainable and cost-efficient alternative to other motorized two-wheelers.

While there are many variants, rechargeable e-bike batteries such as lithium-ion polymer, or Li-ion batteries, are some of the most common types. For the 250 Series, we offer only the best, name-brand Li-ion 24v electric bike batteries since these batteries are known for their strength, durability, and reliability for and off-road cycling. They are also backed by powerful warranties by only the most respected brands in the industry.

At Leeds, we offer extra bicycle battery options. To power your bikes, we carry products from top brand names and e-bike battery cell producers such as Panasonic and Samsung. Choose by type or a specific set of e-bike batteries, all of which are priced affordably.

PLEASE NOTE: The 500 Series and 250 Series E-Bike Batteries ARE NOT COMPATIBLE. Leeds battery systems are only compatible within their electric bike kit series.

Special Pricing on Our 250 Series Batteries

Some 250 Series 24v electric bike batteries are available at discounted prices, like Samsung's 10k Li-ion Battery. Cyclists no longer have to worry about their electric bike battery dying at an increasingly rapid pace after repetitive use on the road. This lightweight system weighs only 2.75 pounds, so you can be sure it won't slow you down as you commute daily or when you simply want to achieve a target distance for fun. It's the preferred solution for mid-distance travel if you’re commuting to work or just riding around your neighborhood.

For riders who want to expand their mileage, the Samsung 30k Li-ion Battery is the perfect option. With a speed of 16 mph plus your manual pedal power, this product helps riders go the extra distance. Also, if you still wish to exceed your limits, take a look at our Ultra 24v electric bike batteries, including Samsung's Ultra Li-ion Battery and Panasonic's Ultra+ Li-ion Battery.

All of our extra electric bike battery systems are fully compatible with each Leeds 250 Series E-Bike Kit. Also, each battery is available with an extended warranty FREE of charge.

If you are looking for more power, check out our 500 Series systems, which include hard plastic cases. Unique to our battery line-up, each 250 Series battery system includes a 1050 denier ballistic-grade nylon weatherproof cargo bag to keep your electric bike batteries working in top condition.

Affordable & Efficient E-Bike Conversion Systems

Customers that want to convert their conventional, manual bike into an electric bicycle can always find a solution with us. Leeds has installed and shipped electric bike kits around the world and 99% of them are a great fit for any bicycle. You can expect us to ship your order within 48 business hours from the date of purchase. We accept major credit cards and PayPal as payments.

Do you have any questions about any of our e-bike conversion systems or 24v electric bike batteries? Visit our FAQ page for more detailed information. You can also contact us for inquiries about battery systems and other products.

Visit our blog Leeds Bicyclology for li-ion battery info, wheel sizing, installation support, and great electric bike content to get you motivated and inspired to go the extra mile. Now let's get riding together!

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