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500 Series E-Bike Kits

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500 Series (500 Watt) Electric Bike Kits

Watch the video below to learn about the benefits, features, and specifications of the Leeds 500 Series (500 Watt) Electric Bike Conversion Kit.



The 500 Series was introduced as a result of customer questions over the years asking if we offered a kit that provides more torque and could climb the steepest of hills as well as carry heavier weight easily. With a 500 Watt 8FUN front or rear geared motor, you’ll be able to go the distance with ease and speed with the feel of something more powerful like a moped.

The Leeds 500 Watt Electric BIke Kit includes:

  1. 500 Watt 8FUN Geared Motor
  2. Variable Thumb Throttle System
  3. 36 Volt Li-ion Battery System
  4. Li-ion Battery Charger
  5. Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS)
  6. LCD Computer System
  7. Torque Arm

The 36 Volt Li-ion Battery System includes:

  1. Proprietary Battery Management System (BMS)
  2. 36 Volt Controller
  3. Locking Key System
  4. Worry-Free Warranty
  5. FREE SHIPPING to the Continental United States
  6. USB Charger for Mobile Devices (Tube Battery Only)

This 500 Watt Electric Bike Conversion Kit is available for the following wheel sizes:

  1. 20"
  2. 24"
  3. 26"
  4. 27.5"
  5. 700c
  6. 29er

The 500 Series Electric Bike Kit is available in the following options:

  1. Rear Carrier Battery (13 Ah) or Tube Battery (11 Ah and 17AH)
  2. Wheel Size
  3. Tube and Tire
  4. V-Brakes or Disc Brakes
  5. Front or Rear Motor
  6. Black or Silver Spokes and Rim

Everything you need to get your 500 watt electric bike kit is ready to go with easy-to-install components! Our 500 watt electric bike conversion kit is a perfect balance of power, quality, and affordability, and we’re sure you’ll make the most of it putting it to the test.

Installation is simple, though it may require slight modification to your front fork for certain bicycles. The 500 Series system includes an LCD computer display that will help you keep track of speed, distance, battery power and more. This allows you to monitor your performance and assists in making your cycling experiences all the more satisfying.

Higher Power, Ease-of-Installation

Whether you want an electric motor that can take you 20 miles or 30, we’ve got you covered. For shorter trips, check out our 250 Series PBJ E-Bike Kit (Pocket Bike Juice) that can give you the boost you need to get over big hills for a short distance. For longer trips, take a look at our Samsung Ultra and Panasonic Ultra+ electric bicycle kits that can perform for 40 or 50 miles respectively.

Since we pride ourselves on offering expert knowledge, insight, and customer service, we’re ready to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our 500 Watt electric bike kits or more. We look forward to getting you moving!

Available in Tube Battery (11 Ah or 17 Ah) or Rear Carrier Battery (13 Ah)


Neither the company nor its products have an affiliation with, sponsorship or approval or certification from, or any other connection or relationship to USGBC and/or the USGBC LEED certification program.

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