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Welcome! At Leeds Electric Bike Kits, we’re moving towards a brighter future. With our 250 Watt and 500 Watt electric bike conversion kits, we make it easy for you to convert your traditional bike into an electric bicycle at a fraction of the cost of a scooter or fully-mechanized electric bike. All of our e-bike kits are assembled exclusively by us, and are made up of high quality motors, controls, and batteries from the most respected and trusted manufacturers.

How was Leeds created?

During his daily commutes in a car, Mike felt like something was missing from his life, and an injury brought that feeling to the forefront: Mike realized that he loved the bike commute. Ultimately, this discovery fueled Mike’s passion to capture the uninhibited freedom of biking on the open road.

Innovative Transportation

After a serious foot injury, Mike found that he had trouble on bike rides, especially when it came to climbing hills. European and Asian electric bike culture are already showing a way that mainstream commuting could be revolutionized, and Mike found that he could still enjoy the commute on an electric bike with the extra help of an electric motor.

Electric bikes feature an electric motor that complements traditional pedaling power. This means that riders can still pedal manually, but the assistance from an electric motor can make cycling a viable option for long-distance travel, biking heavy loads or riding on challenging terrain.

To Mike, this was the perfect alternative to a traditional bicycle commute.

The Leeds Electric Bike Kit

Mike’s solution eventually became the Leeds electric bike conversion kit. Instead of selling overpriced electric bikes, he decided that conversion kits offered an efficient way to promote healthy living and convenience, while saving commuters and cyclists money that would have otherwise been spent on gasoline or other transportation costs.

The Leeds electric bike kit originally started out with a crowdfunding campaign in 2013, and the concept took off exponentially after its initial showing.

Order Yours Now

The Leeds electric bike conversion kit is available in several 250 Watt and 500 Watt models. These kits are affordable, easy to install, and incredibly reliable! We’re so confident in our bike kits, we offer a two-year warranty as well. Check out our selection and order your electric bike kit today!


mandy with the leed bicycle solutions team  

Mandy Wallace is the customer satisfaction guru dedicated to ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with your Leeds electric bike kit. She specializes in unique, custom ebike conversions, particularly those that require extra support. Meet Mandy on Leeds Bicyclology

"My primary focus is making sure that we are fulfilling orders quick, correctly, and shipping kits within 48 hours from the point of sale. I am here to get you back on your new e-bike and riding like a champ!"


Leora Merrell is the customer service warrior that lives and breathes answering customer questions. She answers emails and tracks shipments 24/7. Meet Leora on Leeds Bicyclology!

"I have seen the joy that riding a bicycle brings my family and I want to share that opportunity with everyone. Being able to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle using our electric bikes as a mode of transportation is empowering."
  leora with the leed bicycle solutions team  
mike with the leed bicycle solutions team  

Mike Merrell is behind marketing and product development. He guarantees a quality electric bike conversion kit and the product's performance for years to come. Meet Mike on Leeds Bicyclology

"After I injured my foot and was unable to ride like I used to, I created the Five Minute E-Bike Kit. After a short ride on my 'new ebike' I realized we had to share this with everyone. Now thousands use our electric bike kits all over the world."


Kobyn Bond is the product performance guarantor who signs off on the wheel build and ensures that each electric bike kit going out the door is 100% operational so that we can continue honoring our two year warranty.

"The Five Minute Electric Bike Kit is awesome! It is fun to ride and exciting to see how it is changing lives. And now our new products have taken electric bike conversions to the next level."

  kobyn with the leed bicycle solutions team   
colin with the leed bicycle solutions team  

Colin Otteson is the wheel-true guru who can lace a wheel quicker than Flash can circumvent the globe. Not really, but he's fast. When a customer needs a kit for their weekend adventure he can deliver because wheel building is second nature to him.

"When I interviewed for the job, I felt I needed to see the electric bike kit in action first. One ride and I knew I had to work here. This is where I belong and I'm happy to be part of Team Leeds."


Broc Wilkinson is the dedicated warehouse guru who thrives giving 110% in all areas of responsibility at the shop and in life. There is not a single part of his tasks that he gives less than his best and less than expected as a member of the Leeds team.

"I see what our ebike kit does for people. This motivates me to deliver a perfect product on time. It's an exciting experience to read your reviews and know that I was a part of building your e-bike kits."

  broc with the leed bicycle solutions team  
spencer with the leed bicycle solutions team  

Spencer Lowder is the warehouse inventory specialist, among other things, dedicated to maintaining an organized, structured shop that continues to deliver perfection around the clock. 

"I mean business. I feel a sense of satisfaction hearing our customers' stories about how their lives are improved from being able ride a bike how they were meant to. It makes me happy to see you ride."


Amberlee Whitemyer is the get 'er done go-to guru that makes sure wheels are built, phone calls answered, and emails answered quickly. She can answer any question and find quick solutions to technical questions when they come in. Meet Amberlee on Leeds Bicyclology!

"I thought I knew a thing or two about bikes and then I began working at Leeds. It has been an exciting experience becoming an e-bike expert and even better seeing how our products are improving lives and getting people back on their bikes."

  amberlee with the Leeds bicycle solutions team 

Visit Leeds Bicyclology for li-ion battery info, wheel sizinginstallation support, bicycle commuting articles, and industry updates to help you get you motivated, inspired, and on your new electric bike.


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