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The Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit for Your Bicycle

With an E-Bike kit from LEED, you can easily convert your bicycle into a lithium battery-powered electric bike that lets you go faster and farther with ease—especially when riding uphill as a hill topper with our electric bike motor kit and li-ion battery system. LEED's 250 and 500 Watt E-Bike Kits come customized with an electric wheel and a li-ion battery system by Panasonic or Samsung that you can install quickly and easily. The 250 Series takes about five minutes to install and the 500 Series takes longer since there are more components such as a torque arm, pedal assist sensor, and LCD Computer. No alterations to your bicycle are necessary with the front wheel electric bike kit, however, some bicycles require filing the front fork as much as two millimeters.

We offer many options to ensure that you get only the best electric bike kit for your bicycle or tricycle. We carry electric bike conversion kits with battery capacities that can take you as few as 4 miles to as far as 50 miles on a single charge of your ebike battery. You choose the electric bike battery capacity.

For the longest rides, check out our Samsung Ultra and Panasonic Ultra+ electric bicycle kits. If you only need a bit of added boost up a few hills, we also offer the PBJ E-Bike Kit (Pocket Bike Juice) low-capacity eBike kit that can provide power for up to four miles. For high speed and longer distances, you will want to check out the 500 Series.

All our li-ion batteries are from trusted brands (Panasonic and Samsung) to ensure that our electric bike kits provide only the highest performance and on any budget.

Each available e bike kit comes with more specific options including motor color, bicycle rim color, wheel size, battery bag upgrades (250 Series), battery mounting options (500 Series) as well as an optional Specialized LCD computer for measuring distance and speed. The 500 Series comes standard with an LCD computer to monitor battery power, speed, distance, and control the pedal assist power. If you require a rear wheel conversion kit for a special bicycle or tricycle, we can also provide you with that instead of a front wheel kit. Just specify at checkout if you prefer a rear wheel ebike kit.

All our electric bicycle kits come with an outstanding warranty from the motor to the battery.

An Edge Over the Competition

No matter which of our e-bike kits you choose, you can rest assured that you can ride your bicycle anywhere within legal limits. In accordance with federal laws, all our kits will keep your bicycles at or just below 20 mph when running on power solo so you can ride anywhere a regular bike is allowed to travel. And because the pressure switch (250 Series) and thumb throttle or pedal assist sensor (500 Series) gives you full control over the e-bike motor, you have the ability to regulate your speed for a safe, enjoyable ride.

Commitment to Quality

LEED remains committed to developing and delivering only the best e-bike kit that allows our customers to enjoy a superb biking experience for less while also doing their part for the environment. We ship our electric bike kits within 48 hours and ensure that our li-ion ebike batteries meet Federal HAZMAT requirements for all shipments.

Please check out our FAQ page for more details about our ebike conversion kits. Should you need assistance in choosing the best electric bicycle kit for your needs, feel free to call us at (866) 933-8716 or email us at for technical support. We look forward to hearing from you! Now choose from any of the kits above listed by their battery capacity's distance and get riding an fast and safe ebike today!

Visit the electric bike blog for li-ion battery info, electric bike hub kit options, electric bike kit reviews, wheel sizing, installation support and great electric bike content to get you motivated, inspired, and on your bike. The LEED 250 Series E-Bike Kit is the most affordable, high quality ebike motor kit that may be considered the most affordable electric bike kit on the market today. And the 500 Series is the traditional high-power kit that comes with all the bells and whistles as well as the extra climbing power. Now, choose your distance and ride!


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