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By now, you’ve likely heard of the electric bike sensation revolutionizing transportation. From leisure cycling to commuting, bicyclists everywhere are switching to electric bikes, making their daily rides easy and enjoyable without increasing their carbon footprints. Electric bikes also offer the dual advantage of providing healthy, daily exercise while reducing the fatigue that can come with a traditional bike commute.

What if you could save money and convert your favorite bike into an energy-saving vehicle without having to buy a completely new bicycle? With the Leeds electric bike kit, now you can! It is simple and easy to convert your old bike to electric with our cutting-edge electric bike conversion kit. You can join thousands of our happy customers and own one of the most useful and enjoyable products you’ll ever buy!

Convert any bike to e-bike with an Electric Bike Kit

The Electric Bike Revolution

There is a good reason that electric bikes have enjoyed such an explosive growth in popularity. A recent study has shown that not only do electric bikes provide the same health benefits that bicycles do, but they feature happier cyclists that find riding electric bikes much more enjoyable.

This is due to the manual pedaling power that electric bike kits feature. With the combination of an electric motor and rider’s pedaling power, the electric motor complements the rider’s pedaling power, so you can pedal as much or as little as you’d like. You can get a workout on your commute, and then rest and let the motor do more work when you are ready to ease back. Electric bikes can help with hills, higher weight loads, and faster average speeds, so you can get all of the benefits of a bicycle commute without exhausting yourself.

Electric Power without the Cost

One stumbling block that many riders come across is this: the top electric bikes on the market can cost thousands of dollars. However, a Leeds electric bike kit allows you to bypass this obstacle and power your favorite bike with electricity at a fraction of the cost. No matter if your bike is old or new, installation is simple and easy.

We have several variations of our 250 Watt and 500 Watt electric bike conversions, so you can find the perfect kit for your bike and your commuting preferences. The 500 Watt series provides full electric power and offers a smooth ride that some say feels similar to an electric scooter. For riders who enjoy the feel of a classic bicycle and want solid control over their pedaling power, our 250 Watt kits give riders the best bicycle experience.

Our 500 Watt models take up to an hour to install, and the 250 Watt kit can be installed in as little as five minutes. With installation this easy, our Leeds electric bike kits offer the most cost-effective and efficient electric solution.

Order Yours Today

Bicycles cut down on traffic congestion, contribute to mental and physical well-being, and reduce greenhouse gases by cutting down on fossil-fuel dependence. We are experiencing a renaissance in bicycle commuting, and cities around the world are building more and more bike lanes and other biking amenities to encourage more cyclists to hit the road. Now is the time to get an electric bike kit of your own and enjoy the many health benefits of an electric bike commute! Order your Leeds electric bike conversion kit today!

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