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  • 24 Volt Li-Ion Battery Charger | 250 Series
  • 24 Volt Li-Ion Battery Charger | 250 Series

24 Volt Li-Ion Battery Charger | 250 Series


Product Description

Do you need an extra charger, or did you misplace your old one? We sell a separate 24 Volt battery charger for your electric bike, so you don’t have to buy another electric bike conversion kit to get one! This charger is for all 250 Series batteries.


We’ve noticed that some of our customers like to have multiple chargers around, so they don’t have to carry their charger with them whenever they need to charge the battery in another location. Some people lose their charger, or something else happens to it and they need another one. Whatever the case, we have you covered!

Additional Notes

This charger is designed for both Samsung and Panasonic batteries. All of our chargers will operate in the U.S. and internationally, though you may need a wall adapter for non-U.S. outlets. Please note that all of our chargers run on 120-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz.

Order Today

Leeds is here to provide you with all of the accessories and extra components you need. In addition to our extra chargers, we carry spare batteries, battery upgrades, separate motors and wheel kits, and other essential components for your electric bike kit. Check out our selection and pick up a 24 Volt battery charger for your electric bike today.

Do you have any questions about our e-bike conversion kits, chargers, or any of the other components we sell? Our customer service team is here to help. Just give us a call at 866-933-8716 or send us a message on our chat system.


Neither the company nor its products have an affiliation with, sponsorship or approval or certification from, or any other connection or relationship to USGBC and/or the USGBC LEED certification program.

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