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  • Birzman Wedge Tire Lever Set | Tire Removal

Birzman Wedge Tire Lever Set | Tire Removal


Product Description

When you are hitting the trails or pavement, you want tires that are ready for anything. With wedge tire levels from Birzman, e-bike tire removal is quick and easy. Available from Leeds Electric Bike, these levels have a unique shape so they function as more than a tire spoon. They also work as a great schrader valve air release, so you can get tires off rims with a single tool.

Simplify Tire Removal

When you need to quickly change a tire during a ride, these levels will do the trick. They feature a raised pattern with indentations to easily snap together or onto valves for easy air pressure release. These levels also simplify e-bike tire removal thanks to a wide, hooked blade end that easily slips under tire beads. You’ll also notice the scooped spoke hooks to securely hold onto spokes for added leverage when needing to remove stubborn tires.

Take Levers Wherever You Ride

Each tire lever by Birzman is crafted using reinforced ABS plastic for added durability. Since levels have a stacking design they can easily be stored together in a garage or a saddle bag so you can have them during rides. That way you can easily remove tires on your e-bike no matter where you go.

For more information, contact us to learn how these levels are a tool you shouldn’t be without.


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