The E-Bike Kit Thumb Throttle and Controller
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  • E-Bike Kit Controller and Thumb Throttle
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Controller & Plug 36 Volts | 500 Series


Product Description

This is the "magic box" between your battery and your motor. Regular 36V DC electricity goes into the two controller battery wires and "pulse width modulated" 46V DC electricity comes out the three motor power wires to power the motor.
This is not AC, but in certain basic terms has a similar function. This is the reason many electric bike motors have three power wires coming out of them, even though they are called brushless "DC" motors. You may be familiar with simple DC electric motors that only have two wires. These motors are also technically DC motors, but the pulse modulation split up over three power wires has advantages of making them more efficient.
*This is the controller only. The thumb throttle requires purchasing separately.

500 Series Controller

Rated voltage: 36v

Max current: 21A
Rated current: 11A
Low voltage shutoff: 30.5v
Motor control: Pre-wired for simple on/off motor operation when plugged into the 500 Series Thumb Throttle and PAS.



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