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  • KM-SS LCD Computer | Distance-Speed-Power | 500 Series

KM-SS LCD Computer | Distance-Speed-Power | 500 Series


Product Description


The KM-SS LCD Computer is an advanced and high-powered e-bike computer for our 500 Series kit. It allows you to easily view and monitor your speed, trip time, mileage, battery life, and pedal assist levels 1-5. The intuitive KM-SS LCD Computer for E-Bikes offers a clear view of riding data at all times and remains clearly visible under all lighting conditions. The simple ability to monitor distance, speed, and power transforms your ride and how you interact with the environment.

LEED Electric Bikes deliver high-quality accessories from brands you can trust for your e-bike kit. Many bike owners have always wanted an easy way to monitor their travel time, speed and other riding variables. The LCD computer offers exactly that.

Simple and Compact

The KM-SS LCD Computer for E-Bikes is for the 500 Series kit and is quite simple in design. The compact display is communicative and allows you to conveniently access all important data that you need when on the move in a neat, back-lit housing.

Its size means it’s not only easy to read but also offers a great way to view key distance-speed-power information, such as:

  • Battery charge state
  • Speed
  • Assistance level
  • Trip Distance
  • Total Kilometers/Miles

Make Your Order Today

Do you want a simple and practical LCD computer for your e-bike? Get the KM-SS LCD Computer for E-Bike 500 Series kit from LEED Electric Bikes. We have a wide range of e-bike accessories and parts that make your riding experience easier and more enjoyable.



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