LEED E-Bike Kit Frame Bag for the Bike Motor Battery
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  • LEED Electric Bike Kit Bicycle Frame Bag
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  • LEED's E-Bike Kit Battery Frame Bag fits all 250 Series E-Bike Batteries
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  • LEED E-Bike Kit Battery Frame Bag

LEED Exclusive Weatherproof Battery Frame Bag | Black

RRP: $79.00 (You save $40.00)

Product Description


Pick your frame bag size. We make these bags specially designed to fit and protect your Leed 250 Series lithium batteries. This bag is the additional weatherproofing system that will survive any weather you give it! These bags are made with only the best and highest quality material to endure years of use and abuse on any road anywhere in the world.


For sizing configurations, please measure your top tube just underneath where it meets the head tube and rear tube. That distance will determine which size you need to pick for your frame bag. For example, always round up to the next size bag. If your top tube is 20.5 inches long, then round up to the large bag which is 21 inches long.

leed ebikekit battery frame bag measurements



  • Best Fits: 15 - 18" mountain bikes, or larger aluminum frames, some 4-bar full suspension frames and 52 - 56cm road / cross bikes
  • Top Length 17", Height 6"
  • Total Volume: 305 in3
  • Weight: 210 g
  • Fits: LEED PBJ, 10k, 10k+, 30k, 30k+


  • Best Fits: 17 - 21" Hardtail mountain bikes and cross bikes
  • Top Length 19.5", Height 6"
  • Total Volume: 325 in3
  • Weight: 222 g
  • Fits: LEED PBJ, 10k, 10k+, 30k, 30k+, Ultra, Ultra+


  • Best Fits: 55cm - 60cm road and touring bikes
  • Top Length 21", Height 6", Has 1.5" Length at the Top Tube
  • Total Volume: 350 in3
  • Weight: 251 g
  • Fits: LEED PBJ, 10k, 10k+, 30k, 30k+, Ultra, Ultra+


Product Videos

Leed Battery Frame Bag (01:08)
Although this bag is designed to hold E-bike batteries, it will be extra handy for me. This company puts out some E-bike conversion kits that I would to try someday.
  • Leed Battery Frame Bag



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