8FUN Electric Bike Motor for a DIY Electric Bike Kit
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  • Black and Silver 250 Watt Geared Bicycle Motor Options
  • The 8FUN Rear Wheel Geared Bicycle Motor Hub Specs

Rear 8FUN Planetary Motor 250 Watts | 250 Series


Product Description

250 Series 8FUN LEED Rear Wheel Bike Motor Hub

Also available in a front wheel bicycle motor model. This planetary-geared BLDC PWM 250 Watt 24 volt brushless hub motor weighs six pounds and comes with an eight inch three-pin cable attached. To operate this motor you will need a pulse width modulation (PWM) controller to convert the basic DC of a battery to a modulated current (the motor cable contains three power wires). Approximately 200 rpm at a 4-amp load. This hi-tech modern design comes from an American tradition of historical electric bike motor innovation that has been improved upon by the Swiss. 

8FUN E-Bike Motor Durability and Strength

Durable, reliable, rugged, and fully weather proof. Internally greased and fully sealed for years of maintenance-free operation. This motor comes with our comprehensive 2-year warranty, but will likely outlast your bike or whatever vehicle you are driving with it.
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8FUN Geared Bicycle Motor Hub



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