LEED 250 Series DIY E-Bike Kit Spokes and Nipples Kit
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  • LEED Electric Bike Kit Wheel Spokes and Nipples

Spokes & Nipples for 8FUN 500 Watt Motor | 500 Series


Product Description

This 500 Series electric bike spoke kit includes 40 13G stainless steel spokes (or black if chosen) and nipples. We also pre-cement your spokes for you. The 250 Series 8FUN motor requires 36 spokes so you will have 4 spokes to spare in case you need any extra.

Our stainless steel spokes are custom cut to fit your wheel size with our electric motor for the 500 Series.

These are 13G spokes. They are thicker and stronger than the typical bike spoke. They are stronger and capable of handling the extra torque from the 8FUN 500 Watt electric motor they are designed for. 




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